Bundle of 3: Custom Relief Trio

Bundle of 3: Custom Relief Trio

Tailor your wellness journey with our Custom Relief Trio. Choose any 3 from our premium CBD blends, including the potent Neet 6000mg, healing Hebe Heal+ 7000mg, wellness-focused Blunt Gold +++8000mg, THC-dominant Pree Tej 7000mg, and ultra-relaxing Hebe Tripti 10000mg. Personalized relief, your way!

1. The Neet 6000mg 1:5 CBD:THC 

The very effective solution Neet XTRA STRONG Strawberry Flavour is perfect for the treatment of moderate to severe health issues. It has a 1:5 ratio of CBD to THC, which is quite potent. Additionally, it is infused with strawberry terpene extract, which is renowned for the multitude of advantages it offers.

2. Hebe Heal+ 7000 mg 1:4 CBD:THC 

Heal+ is a carefully crafted formula designed to alleviate pain and foster healing. Infused with the purity of MCT coconut oil and the potent  Vijaya leaf extract, Heal+ embodies the perfect harmony of nature's bounty. With a meticulously balanced ratio of compounds, this sublingual full spectrum Vijaya oil delivers unparalleled relief.

3. Blunt Gold +++8000mg 1:7 (CBD:THC) 

Blunt Gold+++ Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil contains a powerful combination of naturally occurring cannabinoids in the Vijaya plant. With 8000 mg Vijaya extract and MCT coconut oil, it provides you with an impressive range of benefits. This formula delivers the benefits of all the naturally occurring compounds in Vijaya.

4. Pree Tej - 1:3 CBD:THC 7000 mg 

Pree Tej 1:3 CBD:THC Oil is a full spectrum blend designed for those who seek the profound benefits of THC dominance. With Tej, you can experience the full spectrum of healing. Pree Tej takes the lead with a THC-dominant formula, carefully calibrated to provide potent relief while allowing you to maintain clarity and focus. 

5. Hebe Tripti 1:6 CBD:THC 10000 mg 

Tripti by Hebe Wellness is your gateway to pure relaxation and tranquillity. Tripti has been meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience. With a potency of 10,000 mg and a carefully balanced CBD to THC ratio of 1:6, Tripti offers a harmonious blend of therapeutic benefits.

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