Cannabinoid Extraction

Our CBD Production and Manufacturing Process

CBD is extracted with CO2 extraction also popularly known as Supercritical Extraction Method as CO2 Separates the compounds present in the organic material. At specific temperature and pressure the material starts to separate and this process ensure survival of important compounds present in the Hemp Plant.

Process of Manufacturing of CBD

CBD oil Extraction explained in steps:-

  1. The machine extracts the cannabinoids in raw oil form from the leaves and stalks of the Hemp Or Cannabis Sativa plant.
  2. The raw un-processed oil is then filtered again and again to remove further impurities and
  3. The un-refined oil is then refined via refining process.
  4. The CBD oil then derived is mixed with terpenes and THC too. But the separation of THC is of paramount importance.
  5. Then CBD oil is winterized and short path distillation is used to increase purity.
  6. Now, the CBD and THC are separated to make a THC free CBD oil that complies with Indian Law and NDPS act 1985 that prohibits the use of THC in any form as a salt or a constituent.
  7. The CBD oil with 95-99% purity is then ready to be consumed or applied on skin.
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