neet cbd 300 mg vijaya oil


Vijaya Tailam 300 mg (10 mg per ml)


This product suits best for people who are new to CBD and want to test the effectiveness of CBD and how it can be added to their daily routines.

Product Benefits:


  1. Can help with energy levels.
  2. Can Help in managing stress and anxiety.
  3. Can be applied topically as a massage oil over paining joints and muscles.
  4. Can help in reduction of acne, hairfall etc.
  5. Can help with insulin levels and having a positive effect on Diabetic control.
  6. Pocket Friendly .
  7. Improves sleeping pattern and Cycle.

Important Information:


Dosage: 1ml Once/twice a day After waking up empty stomach. Or. 45 Mins  After Dinner and 30 Mins before Sleeping. Along with Exercise and diet.

Storage: Away from light inside the case provided.


Legal Disclaimer: CBD Or Cannabidiol has an Elimination Half-life of 18-32 Hours. That means in this amount of time half of CBD administered By You will be out of your Body.

Directions For Usage:

  1. Squeeze and collect CBD  in the Dropper till the 1ml Mark.
  2. Release The Dropper Rubber and make sure to collect the liquid Sublingually (Or Underneath Your Tongue).
  3. Keep the Liquid till 30-45- 60 Seconds. And swallow afterwards.
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