Find Out How To Spot A Fake CBD Oil

Written by Nishant Garund
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Find Out How To Spot A Fake CBD Oil

Over time, CBD products have gained popularity due to the numerous purposes they serve in alleviating some common health issues. The rise in popularity of CBD has also caused a surge in the counterfeiting of CBD-based products. Using fake CBD products may result in negative side effects and cause harm. It becomes essential to learn how to spot a fake CBD oil in order to make it easy to choose a genuine CBD product instead of a fake one. In this blog, we have tried to explain every possible way by which, whenever you buy any kind of CBD product, you can easily spot a fake CBD oil. Keep reading to learn more.

How do you know if CBD is good quality?

How to Spot a Fake CBD oil

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many compounds present in cannabis sativa. The quality of CBD-based products depends on several factors, such as the process of extraction, method of preparation, labelling, source, quality, certification, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Process of Extraction: The best way to extract CBD from hemp is through the process of CO2 extraction. This process uses pressurised CO2 to extract CBD from hemp. Any other process, such as solvent-based extraction, may not be as effective.

Method of preparation: Concentrated extracts of cannabinoids found in hemp are added to a carrier oil to make CBD oil. It can be hemp seed oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, etc. The best carrier oil is MCT oil, made from coconuts. CBD, with MCT oil as a carrier, turns out to be the best.

Source CBD is derived from: CBD can be derived from hemp plants and can also be produced synthetically. Synthetically produced CBD is not as good as CBD derived naturally from plants. Synthetic CBD can also do the job well, but comparatively, plant-derived CBD tops the table.

cGMP certification: cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices. It assures control and monitoring of manufacturing practices. A cGMP certification makes it easy to identify a genuine CBD product.

How do I know if my CBD oil is real or fake.

After quality assurance, one must wonder whether CBD oil is fake or real. If we knew which CBD product was fake, then it would be easier for us to opt for the genuine CBD product. Let’s have a look at some of the many ways in which one can figure out how to spot fake CBD oil.

Prices too good to be true: Every one of us likes low-priced products, but we can’t imply that while buying CBD products. CBD products are generally on the expensive side due to the long and expensive process of their production.

Excessive medical claims: Though CBD oil helps in alleviating many health issues, there are no such provisional claims proving it to cure or prevent any kind of medical issue. Any CBD product claiming to cure any kind of health issue may be fake, so try to avoid it. And also, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional before taking any kind of medication.

No certification: If there is no certification available for the CBD products, then it implies that the CBD product might be fake. Certification builds trust among buyers when shopping for CBD products. Most CBD products have their own certification available, making them a genuine option.

Contradictory Information on the Label: Information present on the label of any CBD product may also tell a lot about the product’s legitimacy. We have learned about the three different types of CBD in this blog: Everything About Different Types of CBD: Comparison, Forms, Benefits, and Uses. For instance, should not be THC-free written on the label of a full-spectrum CBD product. If there is any such contradictory information, then it is fake.

What to look for when buying pure CBD oil?

Whenever you decide to buy a CBD-based product, you might have thought of a number of things to consider when choosing the best option available for you. There are several different factors to consider when buying CBD products. Let’s discuss these briefly.

Type of CBD: Choosing the right type of CBD depends on the cause it is taken for. We have already discussed this in detail in this blog: Everything About Different Types of CBD: Comparison, Forms, Benefits, and Uses. The right type of CBD must be considered before buying CBD products.

Product Legitimacy: It should always be taken care of that the CBD product you opt for is genuine. There are a lot of fake CBD products circulating in the market. To make the right choice among the two options, consider the above-stated points in How do I know if my CBD oil is real Or FAKE?

Manufacturer and Packaging: It should also be noted that the manufacturers of the CBD product should also be genuine. There are chances that some fake products are being made by illegal manufacturers. The packaging of the product also says a lot about the quality of the product. If the packaging is tampered with or in bad condition, then it can also be fake.

In simpler words…

The popularity and increasing demand for CBD products have led to a surge in the counterfeiting of CBD products. It becomes necessary for a buyer to identify a genuine, high-quality CBD product. There are many ways to find out how to spot fake CBD oil, such as too much underpriced, excessive medical claims, no certification, contradictory information on the label, etc. Every buyer should consider product legitimacy and quality before buying any kind of CBD product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colour is pure CBD oil?

Generally, pure CBD oil, or we can say isolates, is white in colour when it is extracted. When it is added to any carrier, such as MCT oil, it becomes mostly transparent.

How do I know if my CBD is synthetic?

Natural CBD is derived from plants, whereas synthetic CBD is made using chemicals in the lab. Checking the ingredients on the label may help in categorising the CBD as synthetic or natural.

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